Britain's Secret...screengrabs Britain's Secret...screengrabs Tiny plane - 90sec flight On my way from mainland Orkney to tiny Papa Westray island 183114886 Papa Westray, Orkney It was COLD! 183114885 At the Knap of Howar Walls exposed out of the dunes in the 1920s - dating from 3,700BC!! 183114887 The walls as they are now 183114888 The Knap house as it would have been thatched, semi-detached, we still don't really know how the two spaces were used together...a women's house and a men's house, a living area and workshop, living home/dead home?? 183114899 Behind me is the sea... 183114889 But it used to be a sandy bay - with oyster beds These oyster shells are eroding out of the dunes - 5,500 years old! You can just stroll along and pick em up 183114890 inside the Knap of Howar 183114901 183114900 Julie Gibson, the Orkney archaeologist 183114903 183114902 Creswell Crags - Britain's incredible Ice Age site 183114897 Prof Paul Pettitt - hero, expert 183114896 inside the caves 183114892 can you see the ice age stag carving? 183114891 wha...? that? (squint) I think...erm...maybe... 183114894 Can you see it? (With the help of telly-glow). Beautiful, isn't he? 183114893 Horse carving on a horse rib. Hunting magic from 30,000 years ago? 183114895 183114898 18lb cannon protecting the Isles of Scilly from the French 183114904 on the wreck of the Colossus. Napoleon's 1700 ton ship of the line, sunk 1798 183114905 Gearing up to go down again 183114908 Neil Brock from Bristol Channel Divers - my underwater chaperone! 183114909 The Diving Daddy - Richard Bull 183114910 Let's do this! Same face mask as firefighters use. 183114911 mapping the wreck site 183114906 Todd Stevens talking me through some of the finds recovered from the Colossus wreck 183114907 He's the Daddy 183114912 Golf cart a go-go 183114913 Back to the UK mainland 183114914 Coast of Cornwall 183114915