Colossus! Colossus! Among the huge keel pins that held the hull together 187333207 On the Garrison Walls on St Mary's alongside an 18-lb cannon 187333208 Filming in the Scilly Museum with Todd Stevens, keen Colossan 187333209 Full face tastic 187333219 Me and the Bull! 187333221 Richard Bull and Mary-Ann discussing what's what 187333212 Neil Brock, - safety diver and all round gent 187333218 Poring over the detailed site map and excavation records 187333214 On Board and getting ready to go under. Weather crappy 187333210 Richard Bull, my dive minion(!) prepares my mask and comms 187333216 L-R Mary-Ann, Neil Brock, Richard Bull, John Chambers, Todd Stevens, Michael Pitts 187333215 Victory! erm, over the French? 187333213 Todd and Carmen Stevens with a flintlock pistol from the wreck site 187333211 Filming chez Stevens 187333217 Martyn Sound and Mary-Ann on the St Mary's golf buggies 187333220 A sparrow joined me for tea 187333222 Amazing Blackbird in a lichen-draped tree. See how clean and pollution-free the Scillies are???! 187333223 Amazing coastline out of the little scheduled airplane 187333224