Winter Wild Camping, Gower Winter Wild Camping, Gower Caswell Beach - 10am this is how light it got that day - milky dark, then just dark 187869098 the beautiful ocean all to ourselves 187869099 187869100 The joy of the deciduous tree 187869101 Mighty brown house-wolf 187869102 Where's the pub? Is it soon? 187869103 Looking west from West Cliff towards Three Cliffs Bay 187869104 Rock dog knows no fear 187869105 Stepping stones across Pennard Pill 187869106 Harpo in his AMAZING Ultimate Warmer coat 187869107 Camp 1, near Cefn Bryn. Moon = clear sky = COLD! 187869108 Harpo - happy in his coat, bathed in red from my head torch 187869109 Harpo in his wild camping bed. Thermarest, dog coat, goretex bivvy - snuggy dog 187869110 Up Cefn Bryn to meet the natives 187869111 Harpo always wants to meet the locals 187869112 Penrice Church - heading back to the coast path 187869113 Large hill, work enough to be in a t-shirt in december 187869114 Vicious but beatiful steps cutting up through Oxwich Wood 187869115 Meeting up with Andrew Dryad Bushcraft for night 2 cave sleeping 187869117 near Paviland, 8.30pm, dark and stormy 187869116 Harpo snuggles in for a cuddle Somewhere opposite Foxhole Slade we found a place out of the wind to have our pasta and boiled eggs, washed down with ginger beer and a tot of Laphroig 187869118 Morning! Day 3, 'home' cave (officially nameless) You can see Harpo's nose still tucked under his bivvy in the middle 187869119 'Home' cave in the morning. 187869120 me n him 187869121 Wandering down to check out access to the famous Paviland Cave big swell meant that low tide wasn't very low after all - so no access across the rocks - we'll have to scramble around the cliff (gulp) 187869122 The traverse - scary sea right below 187869128 187869130 mouth of the cave from sea cliffs below 187869125 I still look scared from the climb 187869124 whew! inside the beautiful, enigmatic tear-drop cave where the oldest Homo sapiens burial in Britain has been found - 33,000 year old! 187869123 the teardrop cave - aka Paviland, or Goat's Hole 187869126 187869127 the climb back - now it's raining 187869129 where do I put my feet?? 187869131 Where we left poor harpo in case we fell into the sea while climbing in to the cave 187869132 Off we go! Today, Rhossili and then home! 187869134 187869135 Back on the trail, just me and harpo 187869133 187869236 Surveying the land 187869237 Sea sheep 187869238 The Worm's Head - looks like a dragon swimming out to sea 187869239 187869251 We done it! End of the walk, survived and happy 187869247 Tired puppy ready for a hot dinner and a long sleep! 187869248 Quick brew stop in the dunes 187869242 Man and light 187869241 Swansea beach - on the way back to the train station 187869240 Mighty brown 187869243 Super dog 187869244 Sunset, Gower, 13th December 2013 187869245 187869246 187869249 187869250