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NEW BOOK - Secret Britain: Unearthing Our Mysterious Past


This lively illustrated book unearths more than seventy intriguing mysteries: archaeological sites and artefacts that take us deep into the lives of Britain's ancient inhabitants.

They include buried treasure, stone circles and geoglyphs, earth temples dedicated to the moon, caves filled with medieval carvings, and trinkets to ward off dark magic. From famous sites such as Stonehenge and Glastonbury to the prehistoric art of Ilkley Moor, the caves of Gower and the mummies of the Hebrides, I reveal their secret history and show how these strange and ancient things still resonate today.

NOTE: Unfortunately I have to pass on the costs of postage, which are astronomical for shipping to the US particularly. If the costs are a deal breaker then I totally understand and would urge you to support your local independent bookshop and buy direct from them. Most will be happy to order a copy for you if they don't already have one in stock. That big well-known online retailer has them too :)


to the UK - £6 / to the EU - £11 / to the US - £25 / to the rest of the world - £20

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