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BOOK BUNDLE: Secret Britain & Hidden Histories


Two beautiful books, one fantastic price

Secret Britain: Mary-Ann's new title, featuring more than seventy of her favourite sites and finds from across the country. Intriguing, compelling, and often rather mysterious - you'll find the famous and the forgotten in this collection, from tombs, stone temples and ancient churches, to witch bottles, spinning whorls and sacred figurines.

Hidden Histories: A handsome paperback edition of this Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape, packed full of tips on how to puzzle out what those lumps and bumps in the landscape are, where to look for good examples, and what these features might tell you about the history of the landscape around you.

note: parcel costs to the US - these are now insanely high, but unfortunately I have to pass on the costs. I'm not making any profit on this!

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