Stay home and stay entertained!

Well, there's nothing like a global pandemic to mess up your events calendar, eh?


I've got a couple of little fun things to keep you occupied - how do you fancy some online live archaeological storytelling?
Good then. 

Here's how it works - go to the eventbrite site, buy your ticket and you'll be sent a link for an online zoom meeting. Make sure you sign up for a free zoom video conferencing account in advance. On the evening of the show, click on the link and we will be IN YOUR COMPUTER or PHONE, chatting and telling tales that start with real archaeological fact and then lift off into imaginative possibilities. Each show is split across two consecutive days, and lasts 60mins per session. We've aimed to hit evenings in the UK and lunchtime in at least the eastern half of the US. 

This isn't storytelling for children - it's mostly for grown ups. But we absolutely aim for the show to be family-friendly and suitable for 8yrs+. So if you've got some kids who are a bit bored of homeschool history -  this might reinvigorate the passion!

We limit our audience to 100, so it feels vaguely intimate and a little bit special and so we can have a chat afterwards about the stories and the archaeology. So be warned, they tend to sell out! Book now, y'all!

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th June 2020 
(18.30 in London / 13.30 in Washington DC)

Part 1: Friday: An Iron Age warrior faces their fate &  Viking magic takes us to the land of the giants
Part 2: Saturday: a C18th ring commemorates a woman and her baby, and a cow is cursed by (hilarious) witchcraft.
Tickets: £10.50 for parts 1 & 2
Secret Histories: Flint and Fur, Stone Age and 'Dark Age' Britain

Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th June 2020 
(18.30 in London / 13.30 in Washington DC)

Part 1: Wednesday: Deer, flint and a shaman living in the last throes of the Ice Age
Part 2: Thursday: The peaceweaver of Sutton Hoo, and a mysterious encounter with history.

Tickets: £10.50 for parts 1 & 2