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Unreported World: India's Slumkid Reporters



The most unlikely journalists in India - meet the street and slum kids who publish their own hard-hitting broadsheet newspaper!  

Supported by the charity CHETNA (Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action) and UK charity Hope for Children, kids aged between 8 and 18 research, write, photograph and distribute Balaknama - which means 'Children's Voice' in Hindi.  

Some of them can't yet read and write - they dictate their stories to their peers.

For children who don't even officially exist, because their births were never registered, it's an incredible feeling to suddenly be a journalist, an author - to see your name in print, and realise that you have a voice and people should be listening.  

In the Channel 4 film, we follow editor Shanno and her chief reporter, Vijay, as they produce the 47th edition of Children's Voice.  As they've both turned 18, this will be their last newspaper - they have to retire and hand over to the next generation.  

If you want to support the children, including the specific kids who feature in the film (Anjali and her brothers and sisters, the orphans; Arif, the chicken butcher), we think the best way is to make a donation to the overall project.

unfortunately we don't have the means to ensure that direct donations to the specific kids won't put them at risk from further exploitation or harm, and CHETNA and Hope for Children don't currently operate one-to-one sponsorship. By supporting the project your kindness can help many children in need access the support they so desperately need. 

If you want to donate to the project, go to Hope for Children: Realising Rights 

If you would rather explore options to support specific children or set up an educational scholarship award, contact Sanjay Gupta, head of CHETNA and he'll be able to advise you further.

For more background on the problems Street, Slum and Working children face, check out my blog:

The archive of 25 minute Unreported World films, including this one, are now available on Youtube worldwide!

India's Slumkid Reporters on Youtube

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