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the great outdoors

In an interview with the Telegraph recently, I was asked what drives me. And I realised that the one thing that always, always lifts my spirits, makes me feel good and alive and whole, is getting off the tarmac and into the fresh air. 

People are happier when they spend time in nature. We learn differently, we think differently. We grow. Bottom line is that we evolved to be outside animals. People need wild places.

It can be a mountain, or the sea, or even the patchworks of ancient fields in Devon, or gentle vistas in the Chilterns.

Perhaps with a bit of wild camping, perhaps a horse ride or a canoe or a swim or a spot of orienteering (any excuse to get off the path!), or a chance to explore the archaeology of a place.

Ideally with a pal and Harpo, my canine sidekick.

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