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Hidden Histories:
A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape

OUT Thursday 27th October 2016

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Walks, talks and signings...

My first book profiles 80 incredible artefacts that were found by members of the British public.

From hoards of Roman gold to tiny Viking spindle whorls, thousands of years of life in Britain are represented in these lost treasures.

By exploring how these treasures were created, handled, discarded and ultimately re-discovered, Britain's Secret Treasures reveals our ancestors' lives and beliefs on an intimate, personal scale.

It also includes a chapter from the British Museum on how to get involved in archaeology, and how to search for archaeological artefacts and sites responsibly - more info on that at

In association with the British Museum and ITV.


The folk at Weekend, the supplement which goes out every Saturday with the Daily Telegraph, asked me to go and test-drive accessible, on-your-doorstep adventures. How about orienteering in Hertfordshire, riding enormous horses in Cumbria, canoeing on the Severn, and wild camping in Dartmoor National Park? 

Here are a few of the pieces:

Breakfast on MARS and 37 other Delectable Essays

I was excited to contribute to a new collection of cool essays for young people in the States, published by Roaring Brook Press.


They can be a chance for you to be passionate, exciting, funny, emotional...

My sample essay is about why King Arthur is one of the most exciting and enduring heroes of all time. 

Check out Good Reads: Good Reads review

Buy Breakfast on Mars through IndieBound!

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